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The Sun Reveals God’s Majesty

The sun at angles causes curtains to shimmer, glass to glisten and snow to twinkle.

It plays on the water of rivers and lakes.

What a dazzling spectacle it makes.

Entrapped within, yet only an agent of beauty.

The warmth of its presence melts one’s cares away.

Giver of internal peace, its restful touch burns through me.

A source of renewal for all forms of life.

It displays God’s majesty in the colors of rainbow.

The sunrise and sunset mark the day.

An ever-present cycle unchanged with the ages.

It holds the earth within its grasp.

Causing plants to grow, giving us energy,

Harnessed for fire and power,

Its uses are never ending.

Pay tribute to the Lord, the Creator,

For its beauty and majesty,

And needs fulfilled.

Only He could create

Such a glorious miracle-

The Sun.

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