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Life’s Questions

This poem was written in 1990 after the Huntsville, Tornado and San Francisco earthquake.

Why must storms blow and forest fires rage?

Our bodies reel and become weary with age?

It’s all part of life, God’s given plan.

With strife and death, begins a new life.

Why must man face nature’s perilous blow?

He uses his power and mercy to show –

He is our God.

We have nothing to fear

His presence and comfort will always be near.

But why all the hate, then killing and wars?

Our hardness and humanity shows,

He gave us a will to follow God’s way,

Or do as we please and wander in the maze.

We must haste, before our bodies fail,

To soften the heart as hard as a nail,

With Truth, like unto fire;

Warming the stone within the mire,

Saving us from our own destruction.

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