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When you sign up for the military, you place yourself in a position serving our country. Part of that could involve being transferred to another base anywhere in the world. I know, because my daughter married an airman with the Air Force. He will receive his command for transfer in a year or two, most likely. Then he, my daughter and four grandkids will prepare to move. He will receive a months notice. Airmen do not know when or where they will be transferred. This is just the way it is.

I’ve been thinking about this and whether my husband and I would move closer to them.

Truthfully, as Christians we are in the same position. We wait for our Father’s orders. Our call to action may be in a day, month or year. We must be ready. I met a veteran from the Army in my Bible study who said he prays to God each morning to receive his marching orders. Whatever that command is, we must be willing to obey it. This means setting aside our personal desires, fears or doubts. We have to Just Do It.

I’m not sure how airmen receive these orders, whether email, letter or face to face. In the same way, Gods call to action may be during prayer, with your thoughts being placed in line with His. Or while reading the Bible, scripture brings new light and answers to your questions. Another person may have advice that is God-given. Or God creates circumstances which make directions clear. Just be sure to stand at attention when you hear His call.

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