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A Collection of My Poems

I hope you enjoy my poems. They were actually written years ago during a time of transition in my life. This was before I had a close relationship with Christ, but they reveal God working on my heart. I wrote about 15 poems and will post a few at a time.

Hidden Promises

All beings are interconnected somehow,

Whether by friend or foe, dreams or fears.

What brings us grief, what brings us cheer.

Where we call home – or where we once did.

Something always ties us to one another.

But we must discover this hidden thread

That could tie us together

What if the chance is missed

To know our common interest?

And we walk on, separating our lives

From the promise held within.

Plans For The Day

This morning is a day

That I could have to do

Whatever I want to.

I could indulge in shopping,

A wealthy lady’s way to play.

I could take to nature

And hike the day away.

And forget about all else.

But myself.

I could whirl around the house

Like a little mouse.

Cleaning and fussing,

So my little world would not be roused.

I could watch TV

All day until night,

(Everyone does, so it must be all right.)

I could take this body –

Exercise it, so it won’t look shoddy.

And fix its hair, so fair.

Then weigh myself in, to obtain discipline,

(For the sleek look means to be thin.)

I could work at my job

Till my life is but robbed

Of the time to care or the chance to dare.

Or, I could do nothing –

Except what the Lord has intended.


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