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A Collection of My Poems – Continued

God’s Way

Hope. Anticipation.

A glowing flame

Engulfing one’s soul,

Sparked by an awakening-

A realization that God’s plan

Can be one’s own.

As life begins to unfold

I realize,

Only God’s hand can guide me

In patterns such as these.

As God’s plan becomes my future,

And Christ is shared with each other,

The spark that leads my way

Lights the path of another

A Time of Meditation

Meditating upon one’s thoughts

Is an exercise unto oneself.

An inward mass of confusion,

Once studied,

Forms a pattern

Till the answer

Presents itself.

Or, meditating is a time of peace,

When the mind is at rest,

Blissed by contentment.

Strength flows through.

Once renewed,

The mind wanders on

Opening passages.

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