Living the Country Life I Once Knew

Turning my Reality from City to Country Living Without Moving My husband and I plan to move to the country in a few years after he retires. In the meantime, […]

Living on Route 66

Preview: These will be short stories of my husband, Ben’s, memoirs growing up on the Northend of Springfield, IL, on the old Route 66. His parents were Lithuanian and still […]

Business Development in Prison

This is a preview of a future blog. My step son has an amazing talent in drawing. He has made some serious mistakes and ended up in prison. He is […]

Traveling In Your Imagination

As I was walking with my friend in Lincoln Park, we stopped to take pictures of this wishing well. It has always been my heart’s desire to travel. Because we […]

Living An Alternate Reality

Preview: With the Covid pandemic, many of us have placed our dreams on hold. My dream to travel to Lithuania and England will be postponed until a safer time. And […]